Ending HIV: Staying in the streets is prophylaxis

Demetre Daskalakis MD MPH gave the following talk at CROI 2017 in Seattle.

Medicine today has the technology to prevent HIV, but it requires political will and community collaboration to educate the public and assemble resources for testing and prevention. 

“We have the technology to end the epidemic. We don’t have cure. We don’t have a vaccine. But what we know is that treatment is prevention. We know that people who are virally suppressed do not transmit HIV. We know that condoms work, though they don’t work for everyone. Not everyone uses them. But they have prevented millions of infections. And, finally, for those unable to use a condom, or unwilling to use a condom every time, we have proven technology, data and evidence-based interventions—pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis—that changes the story and allows HIV negative people at risk for infection to remain HIV negative.”

source: http://www.croiwebcasts.org/console/player/33560?mediaType=audio


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