about The Wallager

“The Wallager” is my childhood nickname. Not just wallager, but The Wallager. One winter day years ago an artsy neighbor sculpted a snow portrait of me, dubbed it ‘The Wallager’ and to the great amusement of my family and neighbors the name stuck. Some have told me that Steinbeck used “wallager” as a Prohibition-era regional American idiom meaning “wild party.” But I haven’t read much Steinbeck, so I don’t really know if that’s the right meaning. To me, the expression is a nonsense word that has come to function as the best descriptor I can think of for who I was growing up and who I became as I interacted more and more with my environment and with institutions.

I’d characterize myself as a bit of an introvert, friend of animals and a big kid. A mischief maker and a lover of genuine, everyday, unpretentious people. I’m also a news addict and unapologetic marxist-leninist.

I’m a private person, less interested in blogging for the sake of exhibitionism than in preserving a record of my process digesting information in the “current period.”

The tag line? It is modified from the Brecht poem:

Pleasures (Translation with the original German, “Vergnügungen“)

First look from morning’s window
The rediscovered book
Fascinated faces
Snow, the change of the seasons
The newspaper
The dog
Showering, swimming
Old music
Comfortable shoes
New music
Writing, planting
Being friendly